Marriage needs to make a comeback

The Washington Post ran an article discussing the current trend of couples moving in together prior to marriage rather than post-marriage.  It is sad what the state of marriage has suffered at the hands of practicality and finances.

One of the comments made by a live-together couple was this: ”At first he was just ‘staying’ with me,” Lemke said. “After a few months, it just seemed right to move in together.”

When our culture has completely adopted what “seems right” instead of what “is right” we are in for some hard times. Wait, maybe we’re there already?

Remember, truthful principles for life exist, and they are found in God’s Word.

Here is the article ➹


One thought on “Marriage needs to make a comeback

  1. the article states this started to increase about 30 years ago. just about the same time they started taking GOD out of schools and govt. and other places.

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