thoughts on The Hunger Games


I read a great review regarding The Hunger Games today.

Periodically I will peruse the NYT best-seller list and pick a few titles that interest me to get a pulse on what everyone is reading. The Hunger Games caught my attention and it only took me a week and a half to read the whole trilogy.

Here is what stood out from my reading:

  • Suzanne Collins is a masterful writer. She writes in a gripping, short-prosed way that gets your heart thumping and pulls you into the story.
  • These books force you to think through many themes impacting our culture today – the effects of war on children, our world’s obsession with Reality TV, a society devoid of God, senseless killing, what true love is, depression, and the list can continue.
  • You will exhibit a range of emotions as you plough through the story.
  • You will recognize the possibility of something like this actually happening in the not-so-distant future.

In my opinion, this trilogy trumps the Harry Potter line of books in its masterful use of modern-day English and it’s capturing of the human imagination and emotions.

Feel free to form your own opinions as you read the books (which are of course way better than the movie), but only start into the trilogy if you have a lineup of nights when you are willing to stay up late, and be sure to arm yourself with a good book-light.


One thought on “thoughts on The Hunger Games

  1. Great thoughts! Any movie that forces people (especially youth) to think through the ‘realities’ of their time is worth watching in my opinion!

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