Book Review: A Biblical-Theological Introduction to the New Testament

The Biblical-Theological Introduction to the New Testament serves the study of the Scriptures as nine well-known Biblical scholars participate in introducing each book of the New Testament to its readers. There is also a companion Old Testament Introduction that does the same work on the other testament.

Each book is broken down with an introduction, background issues (authorship, occasion and date, audience), structure and outline, message and theology, and a select bibliography. In its breakdown, this book models many Biblical introductions that have come before it.

So what sets this introduction apart from others? First of all, it goes deeper than most other introductions. Each author spends more words in each of the breakdown sections than many other introductions, which serves the reader to go further into their studies of each biblical book. Secondly, the section on message and theology does what many other introductions fail to do – it connects the book into the biblical-theological framework which serves the reader excellently in looking at one book in light of the whole of Scripture. This is truly the value of this book that sets it apart from the rest. It will not replace in-depth commentaries, but it will serve as a good two volume set on the whole Bible to ground the reader firmly in each book.

As a pastor, I can see the value of this book for those within my congregation that have a thirst for Scripture that exceeds that of an average Christian. It would be difficult to place this book in the hands of someone who has a nominal or average desire and ability to study Scripture.

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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