Book Review:Habits of Grace / David Mathis

Habits of Grace / David Mathis

Habits of Grace / David Mathis

Many books exist on the topic of the spiritual disciplines. Believe that I have read most of them. Some are immensely helpful and others are trite and not very beneficial. I admit that I approach a new book on the spiritual disciplines with more skepticism than most other genres of books. In this case, I was pleasantly surprised.

The introduction is an excellent setup to the rest of the book. Mathis introduces the concept of the spiritual disciplines by establishing three succinct and helpful principles: hearing God's voice, having his ear, and belonging to his body. He then further summarizes these in words: word, prayer, and fellowship. This small list helps to focus the reader on how his following of Christ can be fleshed out in the living of life. The book continues to lay out each of these areas both philosophically and practically. Many of the chapters are very valuable, but I found the chapter on listening to be one of the best.

As a pastor, I can see myself placing this book in the hands of many people. It will serve both the new believer and the follower of Christ who has been on the journey for quite some time.

A review copy of this book was provided by the publisher.


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